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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spaceboat?

SpaceBoat is a space-sharing platform that allows people to use reserved spaces for short-duration.

Who will use my space? What will my space be used for?

We have a trusted and verified list of edupreneurs who we work with. We will discuss with you upfront, the type of activities and users you are comfortable hosting. You will always have the final say on the users of the space.

Who will manage the entire infrastructure in those off-hours?

We will work with your existing staff or take the responsibility of managing the space on your behalf. We want to make this as hassle-free for you as you want.

Will you make any changes to the infrastructure?

No. We will use your space with existing infrastructure. We won’t make any modifications.

What about payment?

We will collect payment from the users on your behalf. You will get a transparent, monthly report of your monthly revenue earned.

When will you be active?

We already are. Currently running in private, invite only, beta. To share your space for this private beta - contact us.

How much can I earn from this?

It depends on your space’s hours, infrastructure, location, number of hours and number of rooms you want to share. To understand the earning potential, contact us.

What about legal compliance?

Yes, we have understood the legal standing of your space and work with users only within legally permissible uses.